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VEHICLE TYPE :  Hoist, Wheelchair Transport NUMBER OF WHEELCHAIRS: 1 power chair NUMBER OF SEATS : six seats FUEL TYPE : Petrol 91 Wheelchair Maximum Height : 1400mm 
VEHICLE TYPE : Hand Controls & Swing-out Seat, the swing-out seat disconnects and can be use as a wheelchair for short trips on a flat surface. NUMBER OF WHEELCHAIRS: n/a NUMBER OF SEATS : six, the two back seats can fold up if more room is required for a manual wheelchair, luggage etc. TRANSMISSION : Automatic FUEL TYPE : Petrol 91
VEHICLE TYPE :  Hand Controls and Wheelchair Transporter. NUMBER OF WHEELCHAIRS: 1 NUMBER OF SEATS : 2 Includes Driver. Two other seats fold up out of the floor when not transporting a wheelchair. FUEL : Petrol 91

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